Magnificent Mother CEDAR

For me, CEDAR conjures freedom, wisdom and peace. Amongst her distinctive smell, bark, branch and cone, I feel at home near her nurturing nature.

The Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) shares spiritual partnership in many cultures. This arborvitae (tree of life) is renowned for its infinite uses; its durable rot-resistant wood is choice for building, its evergreen a protector and healer in ceremony and medicine. Its medicinal nature has been used to treat flu-like symptoms, chest colds and flu. It is also rich in vitamin C, which makes brewing Cedar tea a healthy way to taste of our universal Mother’s wild earth.

After facilitating outdoor education and earth ID programs with Strathcona Park Lodge, I have found respect for Cedar as a great giver and teacher; one that demonstrates quality over quantity and more with less, as drinking of her needles can heal, and too much can poison.

Before brewing Cedar tea, I ask this tree of life for permission to take just a couple ends of her potent boughs. In doing so, I sense how Cedar whispers “yes” when she is strong enough to share her gifts, and “no” when she is not. There’s an infinite undergrowth of wisdom and communicating community that I feel privileged to be growing to understand and patience to listen. This mindful tradition was introduced to me by a Healer and Salish Elder of Campbell River when I first arrived from Ontario to make rootZ on Vancouver Island. Its practice finds shape in my outdoor programs and self-practice, and continues to reshape my ability to decipher the language of the natural world.

I believe the self reflective journey is ideally practiced in a nurturing, wild open environment, so one has the space to ground deeper into their root network and participate in an infinitely spirited life! As I continue on my spiritual path, I will continue to share of my found connections to Mother Earth and to the sacred red Cedar.



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Gnomadic Rootz

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